Roll-Off Construction Dumpsters

Markim Services provides 12, 20, 30, and 40-cubic yard open-top containers for removal of all types of waste, including general debris, brush, dirt, concrete, roofing debris, and C&D (construction debris). In addition to waste removal, other services include transfer, disposal and on-site storage rental.

12 yard roll-off containers are about 11′ by 4′ and hold approximately 5 pick-up trucks of debris. They’re often used on small remodel projects like bathrooms or kitchens and garage or basement clean-outs.

20 Yard roll-off containers are typically 22 by 4 feet. These dumpsters accommodate small to mid-sized projects. They are for major home clean-outs or for medium sized renovation projects.


30 Yard roll-off containers are about 22 by 6 feet. They are mostly used more for major construction or commercial purposes.

40 Yard roll-off containers are about 24 by 8 feet. These are best for large commercial projects that generate a lot of construction debris.


The following items can not be place in container.
– Outside yard debris must go in separate container to recycling. – Clean concrete or brick must be in separate container. – No rebar/wire/trash Must still be under the 10 ton limit. – No computer equipment – No paint cans/gas cans – Nothing that has ever had fuel or oil in them (lawn mowers/weed eaters etc) – No appliances

Responsive. Why be forced to wait days for a container from some other company? We can fulfill your needs in as little as one hour. Our fast response helps you save money and reduce worksite stress while increasing productivity.

Experience. We know our way around commercial developments and construction sites, yet we also work with plenty of individual homeowners. We’re fast, sensitive to your on-site circumstances, and offer excellent, personalized service. In short: Markim Services is an outstanding value.

Professional. Whether you are the superintendent, project manager or estimator, the company owner or president, or a homeowner, we work hard for your business and we appreciate the trust you place in us when hiring Markim Services for your waste removal needs.

Committed. Once you try us, we know you’ll be back — but we never take you for granted. Our top-notch customer care simply separates us from the pack. Markim Services is large enough to handle your container needs, yet small enough to appreciate your business!

Green Building/LEED Contracts

Eco-friendly waste removal is a high priority for many of our customers. Markim Services is happy to handle LEED contracts.

To make your life easier, you can simply mix your site waste together and we’ll do the rest. We will take care of having it separated out, then we will send you a document detailing how the waste was recycled.

Using Markim Services helps you keep and maintain a clean and safe job site. We dispose of all waste so that it is environmentally safe to the public and adheres to all laws governing waste disposal.

Markim Services plays a vital role in ‘greening’ the waste removal and debris recycling process. Easily half — and a growing number — of our customers express to us their desire to practice sustainability. Markim Services shares that commitment — and we have the know-how to help you ‘go green’ in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


This is what sets Markim Services apart from other container service companies. With our focus on customer service, we are simply your best choice. We operate knowing that the customer is the single most important factor of our success.



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